Reiki (Healing with Universal Energy)

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Reiki is a form of energy healing that makes use of the Universal Life Force Energy, Chi, Ocean of Electricity or whatever other name people use for the energy that is all around us. The basic concept is to channel the energy that is all around us into yourself and through your Charkas (Energy Centers) and then out to the person you are healing. You can send Reiki to yourself as well. Reiki can also be Sent to Plants, Animals, Objects or even events like trying to find a job. When sending Reiki to someone you just Direct the Energy to him or her. You don't control what it does once it gets to them. It just goes where it is needed most. For example if you are healing someone with a scraped knee and they are also under a lot of stress from a bad relationship the energy may work on healing the emotional pain from the bad relationship rather then the scrapped knee.

Reiki is not meant to replace traditional healing. For example if you have a serious medical condition you should still go see the doctor. Reiki is good to use as a supplement to speed up the healing process.

It is very easy to learn how to feel the energy that is all around us. I find it to be very relaxing when I'm laying in bed, to just feel the energy that is all around us. It often helps me to fall asleep if I'm having trouble sleeping. Also when I meditate first and then feel the energy after meditation or during the meditation I find it is much more intense. Sometimes it feels like I'm moving my hands underwater from the feel of the energy in the air.

I first heard about Reiki on the Internet in early 1997. At first I was a little skeptical about it, but since then I have had Several Experiences that have made me realize that this stuff really works and has a positive effect on people.

Reiki has three different levels. You start off by getting an attunement to become Level One. The purpose of the attunement is to help open up your charkas so they hold more energy. You can send energy without having any attunements, but the attunements will help you be able to be more effective at sending it. In level one you learn how to send Reiki to another person by placing your hands on them or slightly above them. You don't apply any pressure or massage the person. You just gently rest your hands on them and send them energy. In level two you learn how to Send Reiki Long Distance. For example you could send Reiki to someone on the other side of the world. Basically this is done by visualizing the energy going to them. You also learn some of the Symbols at level two. These symbols help to focus the energy by visualizing them. In level three you learn the rest of the symbols and how to give attunements. Once you reach level 3 (Master) you are qualified to teach Reiki to others.

When I moved to New Jersey in October 1999 I found a person nearby that taught Reiki. Before that point I just learned about it on the Internet. I had received several long distance Attunements so I was level two. I thought it would be fun to actually learn more about it and receive attunements in person. I got my first two attunements again, and then a third. Now I am currently a Reiki Master (Level Three). Master does not mean I have mastered the skill of Reiki and I have nothing more to learn from it, it just means that I am now able to teach it to others.

For a better description of Reiki check out the Reiki Story. You can also view the History of Reiki to learn how it all got started in the late 1800's.

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