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Friends Websites:

James Young A friend I met back in SUNY Morrisville and was roommates with in SUNY Tech at Utica/Rome

Spiritual Links:

Ananda Ashram A spiritual retreat in Monroe, New York

Astrology-Numerology This site contains information on both Astrology and Numerology.

Brahmananda Ashram A spiritual retreat in San Francisco, California

Celtic Connection A complete source for Wiccan, Witchcraft and Pagan knowledge & supplies.

Crystal Links - Kundalini Find a good explanation of what the Kundalini is here.

Dream Dictionary Look up things and see what they may represent in dreams.

Kundalini Tantra This site includes stuff on Meditations, Chakras and other interesting stuff.

Shambala Shambala does not exist in the physical world. It exists in a mystical realm where one studies with the spiritual master who have evolved from the physical Earth plane. It is a place where one can learn such skills as bi-location, telekinesis, and the union of the soul with the Oneness of universe. I have visited Shambala and studied with these teachers when remote viewing. They appear Oriental to me. They always seem to be busy at their studies.

Spirt Web This includes topics on Channelings, Lightwork, Healing, Out of Body, Reincarnation, Meditation, UFO Sightings, Light Tech, Veda & Dharma, Yoga Paths, Mysticism and Astrology

Video Game Links:

Game FAQs The best site to find walkthroughs or FAQs for video games on any system.

GameGenie A great place to get Game Genie codes for different systems.

Nintendo Nintendo's Official Website

Main Page | Biography | Dreams | Links | Reiki | Resume | Sample Work | Spiritual | Video Games